How Does Mobile Phone Insurance Work?

A mobile phone gets smarter, you could pay hundreds of pounds to replace yours if it gets lost or damaged. But there is one way to have peace in your mind – Mobile Phone Insurance. Mobile Phone insurance is a specialist insurance policy that covers the cost of replacing or repairing your phone if it lost, damaged or stolen.

Mobile phone policies such as Sfam usually have a lower excess than most other content insurance policies typically around €50. However, they also include some extra cover so that you get ensured about your phone.

Mobile phone insurance
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In this article, we will discuss mobile phone insurace policies in great detail.

Where can you find cover?

The main ways to get insurace for your mobile phones are:

  • Through Network provider or phone retailer
  • By comparing specialist mobile phone insurace policies

Getting cover from your phone retailer or network provider lets you ensure your phone straight away, so if the worst happens you get your phone replaced quickly. However, this is unlikely to be the cheapest option and you could save money by comparing other mobile phone policies.

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Do you need it?

Whether you need a phone insurace will depend on two things:

  1. How likely you are to damage or lose your phone?
  2. Whether you can afford to replace your phone if it is damaged or lost.

If you are unlikely to break or lose your phone, or you can afford to replace it if you need to then you may not need phone insurance.

What is covered?

It varies widely between insurer, but most mobile phone policies offer cover for:

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  • Loss or theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Worldwide Travel
  • Water Damage
  • Broken Buttons
  • Damaged Headphones sockets
  • Mechanical Breakdown

There are other options for taking separate mobile phone insurace but they may not offer the same covers as a specialist mobile phone policy. Check out here to learn how to track your phone after losing it in great detail.